Coach Supervision Certificate

ILM Level 7 Certificate in Coaching Supervision

Coaching supervision is at the heart of effective professional practice. It is a discipline in its own right with its own tools and processes. Being a coach supervisor is a fantastic thing to do, you work with others who share a passion for people development.

Coaching supervision provides:
• a structured process for review of our coaching
• professional and emotional support
• an opportunity to focus on ourselves and our continuous professional development as coaches

Many of the professional coaching bodies advocate a ratio of about 1hrs supervision for every 10hrs of coaching. Historically the approach to coaching supervision has come from therapeutic disciplines were supervision is a core part of professional practice. Over the last decade specific processes and approaches and evolved to meet the requirements of people coaching in organisations.

HumanTechnics was part of the working group that created the ILM Level 7 Certificate and Diploma in Coaching Supervision. The qualification creates a key capability benchmark and creates the opportunity for coaching supervision to develop further as a profession and expertise in its own right.

Coaching in organisations has seen a significant growth over the last 20 years and the industry is experiencing a need for qualified professional coaching supervisors.

Next Dates:

Coming Soon!

12th & 13th Sept 2018 (part 1),

6th & 7th November 2018 (part 2)

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