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HumanTechnics is full service learning, Development and Performance consultancy. We offer a range of programmes, qualifications, workshops and interventions that we believe are industry leading in their effectiveness to influence skills and behaviours in a way that deliver real organisational improvements. Our team is a team of experts and our programmes continue to evolve to remain the most effective they can be.

Many of our customer programmes and projects use elements of our standard programmes with changes that reflect the individual needs of the customer, this can be in the emphasis to meet specific outcomes, the models used, competencies used, the language used (can be culturally very specific for some customers), and links to other activities current or historic to maximise the synergies across the organisation.

Many of our customer projects use a combination of activities. A common example might be delivery of a 4-day leadership programme with the Level 5 ILM Certificate, with an additional cohort of people being trained in coaching with our Postgraduate University qualification, who will then support leaders applying their learning in their job role day to day. We know that training is very effective when coaching is used to support the application of the learning after the training, and coaching is very effective when coachees are focusing on applying new learning and change in their behaviours. Our focus is always on sustainability of learning and ongoing building of capability within customer organisations.

Many of them are most effective when used in combination with each other and we are always looking to work with customer to build the most effective programme to meet the business need being addressed. We would love to discuss what you are looking to achieve in your organisation and how we can help you create success.

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