HumanTechnics Data management and privacy policy


HumanTechnics has always collected contact data by consent and has kept this information securely. We never share the data of our contacts or customers with anyone else outside of our team who coordinate and deliver our training programmes and qualifications, and our accreditation partners.


When a contact becomes a customer by booking onto a programme with us, and when/where that programme has an accreditation element provided by an accreditation partner (e.g. University of the West of England, Institute of Leadership and Management etc.), we will pass their information to the accreditation partner using the partners secure online registration systems used to register for the qualification. The customer in effect becomes a customer of the accreditation partner as well as HumanTechnics. The accreditation partner is then responsible for proper use and protection of the customer information passed to them by us.


Please contact us with any specific questions about how data is used and protected. Office number 0330 111 0303 email: