Executive Coaching

Coaching has rapidly become a learning intervention of choice for many organisations. At its core is  the use of reflective learning as the key approach to support executives and leaders develop their skills and performance. The application of coaching is very broad and can be used in very different ways by different organisations. We have the experience and expertise the deliver coaching to achieve the breadth of outcomes organisations are looking to achieve.

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High performance ongoing senior leader coaching

This is pretty common in many larger organisations. Senior people have access to their own coach and are responsible to setting the agenda in terms of how they use that resource and make the most of it. Many senior leaders talk of how important this resource is for them. Their coach fulfils a specific role that no one else can provide. Many of the coaching sessions focus on review and analysis of decisions with an emphasis on continuous improvements and looking for learning.

HumanTechnics have a small group of highly expert coaches who provide this service. They are all coach trainers, many provide supervision and CPD for other coaches. The normal process is to provide senior people with options of who they would like to work with as it’s a very person working relationship and having the right coach is really important.

Senior leadership development coaching as part of a leadership development programme

This is quite a common form of coaching where 1-2-1 coaching is used to support the development of leadership skills and performance. This is normally a time limited activity typically covering 6-12 months. As part of the leadership development workshops we will ask delegates to define the leader they want to become in terms of competencies and behaviours. The coaching sessions are really valuable and effective at supporting the change in behaviours and performance improvement as a leader that comes from the learning in the workshops. Generally we use the organisations leadership model or competency model as the agenda and ask the coaching to navigate and drive the focus on sessions from this framework.

Performance Development Coaching

This tends to be used either with high potentials or with people who are viewed as under-performing in their role and the organisation is looking to bring up their performance. This activity is focused on reflective review, defining success and performance and setting goals. The coaching process picks up and uses the learning through the process by looking for opportunities to reflect and analyse. These type of engagements are typically 3-to-6 sessions at a rate of about once a month or once every 2-weeks. This is a very effective way to support the development of performance. Setting up the engagement at the front end with a clear definition of what ‘success’ looks like for the organisation is really key and provides the frame for the individual being coached to meet that success frame.

New Senior Role Coaching

This has developed significantly over the last 10 years to becoming a standard approach for many organisations when appointing or promoting senior people into new roles. Good, talented and experienced people can often fail to deliver their full potential in a new role. This becomes more pronounced where the person is looking to implement significant change, it become more likely still if the person is new to the organisation as isn’t able to draw on their existing relationships and understanding of the organisations dynamics. A significant focus of these types of engagement are on understanding the dynamics of the organisation, understanding key influencers and supporting the coachee in developing a strategy that uses the existing dynamics of the organisation. Many senior people talk about the value and support they gained from this process at a time where their talent is being fully tested and they are required to perform highly while under the spotlight. This is about getting people up, running and fully effective in their new senior role as quickly as possible.

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