Mentoring Programmes

Mentoring is a key way of building capability and expertise in an organisation. It allows organisations to use its experts to build the expertise of its future experts. It expands the knowledge base of the organisation, increasing capability and mitigating the risk of expertise laying with a small group of employees.

HumanTechnics mentoring projects focus on developing the skills of experts acting as mentors. Mentoring skills share a great deal in common with coaching skills at a competency level, and using reflective learning in mentoring allows enhanced learning and high levels of engagement and satisfaction for those being mentored.

Mentoring projects tend to involve clear definitions of success around knowledge, skills, capabilities. Mentoring is a particularly powerful organisational approach in organisations that are based on expertise such as engineering, manufacture, Law and law firms, consultancy and consulting firms, finance and investment firms.

We would recommend that any organisation with a reliance on the expertise have mentoring at the core of their development strategy. HumanTechnics provides consultancy for organisations looking to develop and implement mentoring, we deliver workshops and qualifications for people acting as mentors – many of whom have never been involved in the development of people.

Mentoring projects can have a profound effect on organisation capability and ability to build expertise, and engage a highly motivated group of people who are learning and developing as a result of mentoring projects.

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