Team Development

Our approach to team development focuses on aligning the team in terms of collective objectives, values and success criteria. The process of one of sharing perspectives and developing understanding and appreciation of different perspectives This has proved highly effective is a great range of teams from Top Teams in large organisations where the concept of being in a team is not always experienced in a tangible way by members of the team, to multi-disciplinary teams in the health service where there’s a significant opportunity to develop performance as a team and deliver great outcomes as a result.

When we work with teams we’re using a team coaching approach which means that we’re using the live context of the team, the real outcomes the team are responsible for and the real issues brought into the room by team members. This is a highly specialist process run by our expert and hugely experience teams of facilitators. The team are given fun challenges and activities that draw out learning and parallels with their normal working activities. This process of simulated collective problem solving has significant relevance to the groups who we work with. We requiring the groups to communicate, coordinate, negotiate and ultimately deliver.

We love working with teams and facilitate the process of them transforming into teams and then high performing team.

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