The client is a government agency with a national remit.

Like many government departments the client is going through exceptional change. This involves a significant downsizing in headcount, a reduction in funding of projects, while having its roles and responsibilities changed leaving it with a broader range of responsibilities.

HumanTechnics provided training, coaching qualifications and support to a team of 7 leadership development specialists. The team would then be the primary support to leaders across the organisation at all levels. They work directly with leaders and managers planning and implementing changes and maintaining operational effectiveness.

HumanTechnics ran the Advanced Certificate in Executive Coaching programme at the client’s site. In addition to providing the prerequisite content for both the University qualification (the Certificate in accredited by Bristol Business School), and the Institute of Leadership and Management, we linked the training content to some of the key organisational models, both leadership model and competency framework. Many of the scenarios in the practical sessions were constructed around some of the key issues and challenges within the organisation.

This use of organisational context, models and language is one of the key benefits of having the programme run in-house.



With so much change underway it’s a challenge to track the increase in capability through having this internal resource in place. The best information is anecdotal from the team itself. The benefits they highlight tend to focus on their confidence in coaching and working with people under high levels of stress and anxiety at work. With the challenges they face they see instances of making a significant difference to their internal clients – which is highly rewarding for them.