The West-Midlands NHS Learning Collaborative was set up to gain consistencies and efficiencies running training for 23 separate NHS trusts in the West Midlands region.


There was a general view shared by participating NHS organisations that a coaching and mentoring style of leadership was required and desired to increase the overall quality of the leadership within the participating organisations. The collaborating specifically looked for a provider that could run and support Postgraduate level training and qualifications for senior leaders.


HumanTechnics tendered for the project in partnership with a small team of coaches previously trained by HumanTechnics and who had specific NHS experience. The project ran for a year on this tender before it was retendered and HumanTechnics retained the contract to deliver the project for the next year. In total we trained 180 senior executives through the project in coaching and mentoring at postgraduate level. The award they worked towards was the Institute of Leadership and Management level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring.



Because delegates came from many different organisations the main evaluation method was through collection of feedback from participants. The programme required a significant time commitment and some delegates didn’t complete the qualification component. The feedback questions completed by participants asked them to rate the how useful and applicable the training was for them. On this measure the course was rated as excellent.