NLP Practitioner 5-day Fast-Track for HT Grads

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Venue - Newbury Dates towards the end of 2015 to be confirmed Programme Fees £1,350+vat This programme is specifically for graduates of HumanTechnics professional coach training programmes. It recognises prior learning from the workshop time for these programmes enabling a fast-track to NLP Practitioner Certificate (suitable for those who have attended the workshop days but [...]

HumanTechnics Success in Thames Valley & Wessex NHS Leadership Academy Tender 

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8th June 2015 HumanTechnics announces its success in winning all 8 lots tendered for with the Thames Valley & Wessex NHD Leadership Academy. The award from the tender process comes after a number of years of successfully delivering accredited coach training to the Academy over the last contract period. HumanTechnics was successful with all 8 [...]

The Role of Self-Awareness and Reflective Practice in Developing Coaching Expertise

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Self-awareness and reflective practice is something I find myself talking about a lot. Whether it’s with leaders who are learning to use a coaching and mentoring approach to support and develop their people, or as with a current project, working with a group of very experienced senior engineers in the oil industry who are developing [...]

What Skills Should Great Coaches Have?

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Article by Matt Tobutt There’s a rapidly growing library of books on the topic of coaching. Pretty much all of them will provide the author’s own take on the definition of coaching and mentoring and what skills coaches should have. Coaching is still a relatively new professional area and it’s worth reading and noticing some [...]

Executive Coaching & Organisational Outcomes

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Coaching as a specialisation has matured significantly over the last few years. Just to clarify I’m talking here about ‘executive coaching’, and I’m using this term to include all organisational coaching, including Leadership coaching, business coaching and performance coaching. Whatever your preferred label, coaching has grown-up significantly. Most coaching in organisations now clearly starts from [...]

Pricing Coaching Services

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A black art? Maybe, certainly pricing coaching services is not straightforward for either provider or buyer. There’s no mystical formula that I can provide but I can share my views and some of the approaches that I think work best. It seams to me that coaching engagements fall into two main categories; coaching as part [...]