8th June 2015

HumanTechnics announces its success in winning all 8 lots tendered for with the Thames Valley & Wessex NHD Leadership Academy.

The award from the tender process comes after a number of years of successfully delivering accredited coach training to the Academy over the last contract period.

HumanTechnics was successful with all 8 lots tendered for. These are:

  1. Accredited Coach Training – At Postgraduate level University and ILM Accredited, and level 5 ILM accredited programmes
  2. The Facilitative Leader – Harnessing the productivity of groups by enabling effective working. A 2-day leadership programme focusing specifically on building group understanding in multi-disciplinary teams and developing shared success KPI’s.
  3. Health Coaching Training. This is training for front line health professionals in influencing positive changes in lifestyle contributing to improved health. This is an area of intense interest as effectively supporting patients to take responsibility for their own lifestyle changes has a huge potential impact for health care funding in the health service.
  4. Team Coaching training – for existing accredited coaches
  5. Coaching Supervision training with the ILM Level 7 Certificate in Coaching Supervision (a qualification HumanTechnics was involved in developing with the ILM)
  6. Ongoing CPD Workshops on a quarterly basis for coaches delivering for the Leadership Academy
  7. Coaching Skills workshops for leaders across all stakeholder NHS trusts.
  8. Accreditation at ILM Level 5 for the Academy’s own internal Mentoring training programme

Coaching, both 1-2-1 formal coaching and coaching as an approach to leading has been identified as highly effective as achieving the desired outcomes in terms of increasing leadership capability and performance across the Thames Valley and Wessex NHS territory.

Matt Tobutt, Director of HumanTechnics comments “we’re delighted to have been awarded the lots from the tender process. This comes after 2 highly successful years of delivering programmes for the Thames Valley and Wessex Leadership Academy which has given us exceptional experience in supporting leadership capability in the NHS.”

“As demand for NHS services increases, combined with pressures on spending, there’s a pressing need to ensure leadership capability and professionalism matches the clinical excellence consistently across NHS trusts and the health service as a whole”

“The work of the regional Leadership Academies is highly outcome focused and is really raising the bar for leadership expertise in the NHS.”

About HumanTechnics

HumanTechnics is a training consultancy with particularly expertise in Coaching, Mentoring and Leadership Development. HumanTechnics has a unique partnership with Bristol Business School enabling the academic accreditation of professional coach training at Postgraduate level.  This with the ILM’s Level  7 coaching qualification has meant that HumanTechnics is the leading provider of professional coach training by number of delegates successfully supported through Postgraduate qualifications in Coaching.


About Thames Valley and Wessex NHS Leadership Academy

The NHS Thames Valley and Wessex Leadership Academy is your Local Delivery Partner for the NHS Leadership Academy, working with them to promote the national standards for leadership development and talent management.

NHS Thames Valley and Wessex Leadership Academy team (TVWLA) builds on a track record of proven success. Through our extensive relationships with local stakeholders, we deliver creative and effective solutions to local challenges that are both relevant and innovative.

Thames Valley and Wessex Leadership academy works in partnership with 92 stakeholder NHS Trusts stretching from West of London to Dorset, and from the South Coast to the South Midlands.