Q, Please provide a brief career history.

Over 15 years experience working in the IT sector delivering solutions to external clients. Last 8 years were with PwC with roles including project management and Alliance manager for PwC UK.

Q, Had you coached before attending the course?

Yes. At PwC. PwC had a formal coaching process for all staff. During my 8 years with the firm, I was a formal coach to several members staff.

Q, I what were your motivations behind looking for a Coach Training programme?

Being a coach allows me to pursue my 2 main goals at the moment. Helping develop people within organisations and working for myself.

Q, What criteria were important to you when looking for a Coach training programme?

Experience of the trainer, price, course material, format of the course.

Q, What was it that led you to choose the HumanTechnics programme in the end?

All of the above

Q, Could you briefly describe your experience of the course.

We had a fantastic facilitator who brought her wealth of experience from the business world to the coaching course. In addition, the interactive approach to the course was very helpful in learning the various techniques.

Q, Reflecting on the programme what would you say you got from the programme? What has it meant for you?

Skills to help develop my own coaching practice
Access to a network of coaches within Human techniques

Q, would you recommend the course to someone like yourself?

Yes. Very much so.