Head of Learning and Development, Wolverhampton PCT NHS Trust

Q, Please provide a brief career history

My career background has always involved working in large public sector organisations, such as the Civil Service and the NHS. I have worked in training and development for 16 years in the NHS and am currently Head of Learning and Development in a Primary care Trust with just over 2000 staff.

Q, Had you coached before attending the course?

Yes – I have worked on lots of team development events and also done one to one coaching with members of staff needing assistance with career goal setting or in dealing with difficult issues at work.

Q, Had you attended any coach training prior to the HumanTechnics programme?

Not specific coaching qualifications although have done accredited counselling qualifications at certificate and diploma level, which have helped to enhance my existing communication skills

Q, What were your motivations behind looking for a Coach Training programme?

Wanted to enhance my skills further and work more towards helping those in leadership and management positions to realise their full potential

Q, What criteria were important to you when looking for a Coach training programme?

A course needed to balance practice with theory and give time out to learn and develop skills. Also needed to give practical tools to help with coaching process, but delivered in an accelerated learning environment, rather than a classroom.

Q, What was it that led you to choose the HumanTechnics programme in the end?

It seemed to have the right balance of what I was looking for in terms of content and had 2 separate blocks of learning, which I felt was important to consolidate and reflect.

Q, Could you briefly describe your experience of the course.

It was excellent in terms of the skills and knowledge of the tutor and the constant practice and feedback opportunities. The group was quite small which allowed for good networking opportunities and for feeling comfortable on the one to one sessions. We were worked hard too, so there were constant challenges in terms of new learning and putting that into practice.

Q, Reflecting on the programme what would you say you got from the programme? What has it meant for you?

I have been able to put lots of the learning into practice and have already incorporated some of the NLP work on language into some new training I am delivering on leadership and empowerment. I have also used some of the one to one techniques with individual members of staff and now use one of the models on change for internal contracting with managers about possible team building activities. I now constantly review my course notes for other opportunities when I am planning some new learning event.

Q, would you recommend the course to someone like yourself?