Head of Training, Chaucer plc

Q, Please provide a brief career history.

I have been Training Manager for an insurance company for 3 years. Prior to that I had been employed as an underwriter for 20 years (although I did play a part in training at an earlier stage of my career). The two disciplines are very far removed from each other.

Q, Had you coached before attending the course?

Only ever began coaching in my new role, as staff found it necessary to talk to someone and my role was very accessible. I was more a shoulder to cry on, rather than a coach.

Q, What were your motivations behind looking for a Coach Training programme?

To make the transition from ‘money oriented’ objectives to ‘people oriented’ ones. I was increasingly being asked to ‘help’ individuals and found my interpersonal skills lacking and in need of a re-focus.

Q, What criteria were important to you when looking for a Coach training programme?

Knowledge of how others think and the diversity of behaviour; a link to NLP and other psychological information; the need to be able to attain knowledge quickly – i.e. not impeding the day-job too much.

Q, What was it that led you to choose the HumanTechnics programme in the end?

Recommendation and the criteria above

Q, Could you briefly describe your experience of the course.

It was instantly ‘hands-on’ – there really was no escape from having to put skills into practice. Accelerated learning, as a tool, needs to be handled carefully and the trainer did this with skill. My appreciation of how others see things climbed from almost zero to 90% in the first few days.

Q, Reflecting on the programme what would you say you got from the programme? What has it meant for you?

In the year since the course, I have achieved the main goal I set for myself during it. This has meant a promotion and I can honestly say the course set me on the path to reaching this.

Having been so focused on money and ‘bottom-line’ in the past, the course gave me a thorough insight into the diversity of people, how to listen ‘well’, and the benefits of good questioning. I feel more confident in a crisis, especially where staff issues are concerned.

Q, would you recommend the course to someone like yourself?

Yes – and already have!