Independent Consultant and Management/Leadership Coach

Q, Please provide a brief career history.

Automotive professional – working for 20years within Rover Cars, Land Rover and BMW Group. Roles included Manufacturing Management, International Markets Project Mgt & Sales & Marketing.

Director of own Management Consultancy – delivering organisational change programmes, sales training and a variety of Management Development training.

Q, Had you coached before attending the HumanTechnics programme?

Yes – I had Responsibility for various sizes of organisation, including the personal development of people and teams.

Q, Had you attended any coach training prior to the HumanTechnics programme?

Yes, BMW coaching for performance programmes

Q, What were your motivations behind looking for a Coach Training programme?

I was looking particularly for an NLP based training, incorporating a variety of tools and techniques

Q, What criteria were important to you when looking for a Coach training programme?

Cost, location, content.

Q, What was it that led you to choose the HumanTechnics programme in the end?

Recommended by a colleague

Q, Could you briefly describe your experience of the course.

Great content, relaxed environment and excellent delivery. Excellent learning environment in which techniques could be practiced and skills developed, great feedback from the tutor. Built network through interface with other course participants from a variety of work sectors.

Q, Reflecting on the programme what would you say you got from the programme? What has it meant for you?

I have been able to put lots of the learning into practice and have already incorporated some of the NLP work on language into some new training I am delivering on leadership and empowerment. I have also used some of the one to one techniques with individual members of staff and now use one of the models on change for internal contracting with managers about possible team building activities. I now constantly review my course notes for other opportunities when I am planning some new learning event.

Q, would you recommend the course to someone like yourself?

Yes, definitely.